editing spaces. reconsidering the public

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Titel: "editing spaces. reconsidering the public"
an exhibition in the public [media] space of vilnius/lithuania
editing spaces. reconsidering the public“ dedicates itself to questions like: who is able to publish? what can be published or has not been published? or where is the public located nowadays? how are issues of urbanism, privatization, democracy or social life effected by changes of contemporary public space? mass media (in its function as a multifaceted publicist for various image campaigns) will be examined for its interventions in that context. in addition the representative function of art and its instrumentalization will be considered from the point of view of the entanglement of art, mass media and open public spaces. the artistic interventions in mass media platforms like radio, magazines, on printed or electronic billboards and on the internet will be confronted by works of artists in physical public space who touch phenomena of time and space in all facets of expanded sculptural work. based upon ideas of art which have developed since the 1960s (when significant topics were embraced through the aspects of participation, new media, performance or intervention) contemporary artistic practices refer to these historical positions to update those ideas in a different environment of today.

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